Netflix's Space Force Season 1 Review
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I actually had a semi-high bar to be honest. I never watched The Morning Show, so the last I saw Steve (in a show) was in The Office.

I didn’t even know John was in this but he quickly became my favorite character, (closely followed by Jimmy Yang) and I swear it wasn’t just cause of his dope accent.

The general premise is a new division or branch of the military is created with the sole purpose of “boots on the moon” by 2024.

Carell, a four start general, is appointed head and leader of this branch. He used to be in the air force so this is almost considered a step down. The new branch is somewhat a small laughing stock, to the point where high ranking members leave out the “Space Force” title.

The first few episodes were rough, I almost didn’t continue, but I had faith in the cast, not the writing. So I persisted. To my great surprise not only did the cast put work in with comedic timing, and even ad-libs, but the writing strongly improved. As far as acting goes I’d say that Erin was the weakest link, but that’s also because her arc was far from original or particularly interesting. Standard Netflix “I moved, I’m not popular anymore, I have no friends, I miss my old friends, oh no, I’m quirky and everyone here is an uncultured hick”. Maybe that just doesn’t resonate with me cause it’s seems like extreme bitching especially in this day and age with Discord, Whatsapp and literally anything.

I blame Paul Lieberstein for the bad episodes, I truly hate Toby.
I always felt like it wanted to be The Office and while writing this review I looked up the writers and yup, one or two Office writers snuck in the writer’s room. Looking at who wrote which episode it seems as if Greg Daniels is the weak link, as all the episodes he wrote are weaker entries. Episode 3 “Mark And Mallory Go To Washington” sticks in my head as a well written episode displaying some core elements of the characters and further developing them. It was that episode where I decided to definitely continue the show.

But considering the semi-realistic setting of government, there’s so many unrealistic things that really bug me.

The army cadets’ name-calling Erin, whilst on the base her father owns? Makes no sense. Especially when they know a superior is in conversation with her.

A shortage of trained astronauts to the point they essentially send in unqualified random people with vague qualifications?

Viewing Dr. Mallory’s video on a huge screen and watching it all the way through and THEN sending everyone out of the room? What lmao that’s stupid even for a Netflix show, who wrote that in?

Oh, and all the dumb pretty unfunny Trump jokes. In my humble opinion you can joke about pretty much anything but only if you do it right, and it’s actually funny. Not wired poorly timed jabs for no real reason.

Spoilers for finale!
The mom “escaping” for her daughter? Touching but so dumb, at best the guard she’s dating could leave work early and go to find her daughter, not casually taking an inmate who’s serving roughly 20+ years